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Name: Park So-jin (박소진)
Date of birth: May 21, 1986
Height: 167cm
Blood type: AB
Position: Leader

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5위진입 가수 #일렉트로보이즈 입니다~ #maboy3 무대를 빛내주신 걸스데이 소진양과 팀일렉트로보이즈 고마워요~! #마보이3 와 함께 활기찬 한주 되세요^_^
Translation: We’re the #Electroboyz who ranked in the top 5~ Thank you to Team Electroboyz and Girl’s Day’s Sojin, who made the #maboy3 stage shine~! Have an energetic week with #maboy3 ^_^.
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여러분, 굿나잇:) …♥
Translation: Everyone, Goodnight:) …♥
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